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Our purpose

simplify construction project delivery

At classifai, we're simplifying construction project delivery. Welcome to the revolution.

classifai exists to de-complicate project delivery for every construction-related business. It’s a promise we’ve brought to life with a new breed of integrated construction delivery software. It’s powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and simple, intuitive, people-centric controls. Project management becomes easier, more visible and accountable, and supercharges risk management.


Our values

Customer experience first

We always make the user experience our top priority - less complication, more clarity and ease of use.

Invisibly advanced technology

The most advanced technology should never be in your face. It must be the most simple to use.


We help people work better together through better communication and accountability.

Conquering risk

We help people focus more on what they aim to achieve and less on preventing problems.

One simple idea

The team behind classifai possess significant experience in the construction engineering, marketing and sales, AI and IT and business development space. The founders hold a common view which has proven to be the driving focus in the development of this exciting platform.

“How can we make it simple”

Of the largest identified “pain points” experienced by users of current digital technology is the experience of making a seemingly easy task a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

At classifai we found the solution, by incorporating the latest technology that works seamlessly in the background so you can focus on what’s important.

classifai is a portal for the delivery of construction-related projects and administration. The platform operates as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Implementation, on-boarding and user training are available to help businesses accelerate the take-up and ongoing efficient use of the tool. Local support ensures that users are cared for and problems are solved without interruptions to productivity.

Digital technology has transformed workplace processes and productivity across the economy. The benefits extend from speed and control to measurement, accountability and more. Furthermore, applications have become more mature, intuitive and accessible to more and more businesses. The construction industry as a whole has not been at the forefront of this trend. While well-known document and project management platforms exist, they are complex and prohibitively expensive for smaller construction projects and related businesses.

This means smaller tier businesses and projects are getting by with a mixture of tools that are not easy to use nor efficient. Management lacks clear visibility, and communications are complex. This gap exposes projects and businesses to significant legal and financial risks. classifai has answered this challenge with a new breed of construction delivery software., The technology is centered on a simple user experience. It enables every business, team and individual across a project to manage their tasks, time, documents and communications with a level of simplicity never seen before in construction. All powered by advanced machine learning and simple management controls, every construction business can now benefit from the efficiency gains and reduced risk of today’s best technology.

classifai is a single integrated tool that enables management of tasks, timelines, documents and communications. Documents are automatically identified and arranged making them magically easy to find and check. User notifications are curated to individual needs, and skim summaries help you focus on what you need. Communications can be made with teams, external parties and individual users.

Because classifai is developed with user simplicity as the priority, implementation and on-boarding are dramatically simplified. Users can get straight to work with just basic guidance. The result is a more straightforward, faster, more relevant and contextual way to manage tasks, documents and communications. Collaboration is boosted, and management gains greater visibility and confidence in the status of project and risk management.


“Commercial construction projects are complex, lengthy and high-value collaborative exercises. In fulfilling our role, we must remain constantly vigilant to the significant legal and financial risks that businesses is exposed to. Mistakes are simply not an option. Many of the critical risks are related to the quality of our organisation and project management. This means staying on top of our contributions and the dependencies we rely on outside of our business. At the top of the list are document control, task completion and communication within our team and other project members.

Today, we use a variety of processes and systems for project management, document management and communication. We make do, but there must be better way.

Suppose I imagine what a better way would be. In that case, it would result in greater confidence that every aspect of risk is under control and spending less time on project admin. Everything to do with project tasks, document control and communication would be easier, faster and more visible. We know exactly where we stand and where all the dependent teams stand. It would be a better and more positive way to get things done.”

We value your feedback

Your feedback and insights are the secret sauce to our success. Please let us know below where we aced it, and where we need to improve.