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construction delivery software

Less work, more flow –

a simple solution​

Searching, tracking and task assigning tools supported by machine learning to assist your efficiencies throughout the day.

Smart file processing

Faster searching feature assisted by AI and Machine Learning.

External collaboration

Allows access to your documents outside your organisation.

Document tracking

Keeps you on top of document revisions, so you don't miss updates.

Knowledge bank

Tracks and analyses documents for specific content that you engage with.

Project conversations

Provides immediate access to your team and external collaborators.

External integration

Provides seamless connection to 3rd party vendors.

Easy to learn and extremely powerful.

classifai achieves what no other solution can provide.
Simple, easy and better access.

Game changing new approach

We’ve used technology and automation to make your day so much more efficient.

A single tidy box full of valuable tools

The result is greater control and accountability at all levels, including better management of project and commercial risks.

Game changing simplification

classifai is designed from the ground up to make construction project management easier. Simplification increases speed, team-wide engagement, and management visibility.

Improve user engagement and compliance

If your staff love it they’ll use it. 

If they use it, your quality procedures will be enhanced, and your risk exposure will be reduced.