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At classifai , we're simplifying project delivery for every construction-related business.

Knowledge Bank

The classifai Knowledge Bank uses AI processing that learns what matters to you and how you work. It tracks and analyses the words, phrases, document types, and the specific content you engage with. It then uses that knowledge to focus notifications on what matters most to you. Knowledge bank is a time saver saves you from being overwhelmed by an avalanche of information.

Smart File Processing

Construction project document control is vital and one of the most sensitive risk areas. Intelligent Document Processing reads the title block of document PDFs and identifies the document name, version, and details. It automatically tracks and groups document versions and creates a digital document register. So, you can be confident that you have the correct document the first time and can easily check its revision history.

Document Tracking

The classifai Document Tracking keeps you on top of document revisions, so you don't miss updates that matter to you. It then sends you a notification every time your document content is updated. Document Tagging supercharges convenience, relevance and risk management.

External Collaboration

External Collaboration provides controlled project document access to external companies and users. It allows you to invite access to your documents so they can be seen by every essential project participant. It provides maximum visibility and collaboration, while ensuring that document owners retain the privacy and security over source documents.

Task Assigner

It allows managers or other appropriate users to delegate tasks, track engagement and task completion. You get notifications for task completion and overdue tasks. All with a focus on what is most relevant to individual users. The result is knowledge of task ownership and where everything is at. It keeps you in control and helps you close gaps and manage risks.

External Integrations

External Integrations allow you to keep working within the classifai environment, even if other project members aren't. It connects third party platforms to classifai and automatically reviews and downloads documents relevant to you. It helps you stay focused and enjoy the benefits of classifai while avoiding the inconvenience of switching platforms for document review.

Smart Summary

The classifai Smart Summaries feature presents a skim summary that is individually curated based on user-controlled and software-learned preferences. It allows users to skim through the most relevant words and phrases to understand document intent easily, so you know if a closer look is required.

Project Conversations

The Project Conversations feature provides immediate access to your team and external collaborators through an easy to use chat panel within your classifai portal. Conversations can be attached to teams, documents, individual users, and reviewed in a timeline. It boosts collaboration with better project communications.